A New Character Zoo for a New Era

Hello, you kind and faithful gang of heroes. After thinking about it for way longer than actually necessary, I’ve finally decided to move my art blog from Blogspot over to the ever-popular and hitherto-mysterious Tumblr. I’m going to spend the next week or so moving all my posts over, but to this blog I’m only going to bring the “best of” the Character Zoo of old.

But fear not, the old in-progress stuff, sketches, and other not-so-polished goodies will go to my new catch-all blog, Skulking Skull King. I’ll post them gradually, so as not to inundate a new blog with old material, but I’ll get it all up there eventually.

Though the lack of recent updates to Old Character Zoo may lead you to believe I have been creatively stagnant, I assure you that new project photos will appear as soon as I’ve finished archiving the old stuff! So if you’re reading this…if anybody, in fact is reading this…thanks for sticking around, and I hope you’ll not be disappointed.