Last year, I went to a festival in Andong, Korea, and saw this guy walking barefoot along a giant dragon-shaped knife.

This year, I finally got around to painting him and making him a little scaly dragon envelope to live in. The scales are 3D cut-out layers, so they actually have the texture of scales. Mmm, tactile.

I made this pocket shrine to David Bowie out of an old Altoid tin. When David Bowie was a kid, he got punched in the eye (which is the reason his pupils are uneven.) I thought that perhaps when he got punched, he received some sort of extraterrestrial vision of his identities to come, based on a book he had as a child…which I also…made up.

The book is a mega-tiny accordion book chock-full of Bowie references!

The second letter I’ve made; I see dogs in doghouses everywhere here, which isn’t something I saw a lot in the states. The dogs, none of which seem to be spayed or neutered, churn out puppies at an alarming rate…and thus the doghouse envelope was born.