Last year, I went to a festival in Andong, Korea, and saw this guy walking barefoot along a giant dragon-shaped knife.

This year, I finally got around to painting him and making him a little scaly dragon envelope to live in. The scales are 3D cut-out layers, so they actually have the texture of scales. Mmm, tactile.

Another envelope, a minuscule Valentine’s-style envelope handcut from pink paper. On the inside is a tiny anatomical heart. This was inspired by my trip to the Korean hospital. Cutesy…posters…everywhere.

The second letter I’ve made; I see dogs in doghouses everywhere here, which isn’t something I saw a lot in the states. The dogs, none of which seem to be spayed or neutered, churn out puppies at an alarming rate…and thus the doghouse envelope was born.

It’s official: I’m through posting old projects, and I’m moving on to posting what I’m currently working on! I’ve been living in South Korea for about six months now, and I’ll be living here for another year yet. Unfortunately, no mail from the “outside world” seems to be able to reach my apartment here, so I began this project, in which I’m creating all the mail I wish I were getting, ha! Every one of these letters relates to something I’ve done or seen in Korea, and by the time I leave here, I hope to have quite the healthy stack of letters finished.

This first one relates to the numerous books on Buddhism that I read when I first arrived, and to the many Buddhist temples that I visited. When you open the envelope, you can pull the sword from the man’s head and watch as he gains enlightenment.

More letters to come!